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Programs, Bundles, Private Training and Sessions.

From complete beginners to professional, there’s a program for everyone at Cairo Photo Academy.

Take your skills to the next level with our programs, sessions, tailor-made private programs and turn your hobby into career.

Get instructed and inspired

Fixed Programs
cairo photo academy courses

Want to build a new career or pursuing a passion, choose our programs or bundles

Private Programs
private courses cairo photo academy

Learn with a private instructor in a class tailored to your skills and goals

Corporate Training
corporate training cairo photo academy

Different training programs & consultation for organization

Corporate Training
Custom Sessions
custom sessions cairo photo academy

Customize your own content 

Custom Sessions
gift cards cairo photo academy

Give the photographer in your life the best gift


Our Fixed Programs

photography basics course
Photography Basics 101
To Enter The World Of Photography

This program is your perfect gate to be a photographer.

Starting from choosing your camera and gear, knowing the camera and how to control it, moving to learning how to take perfectly composed photos in different locations and finally getting introduced to the world of lighting and editing. 


Studio lighting course
Photography Lighting 102
To Perfectly Control Different Light Sources

Mastering photography lighting is your gate to be a professional photographer.

You will learn to use different lighting sources and equipment with several techniques, and with the practical projects you will be able to elevate your results from ordinary stunningly professional.


photo editing course
Photo Editing
To Master Photo Editing

This program is your perfect gate to be a professional photo editor.

Through the dierent phases you will learn how to perfectly use both Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to produce perfectly edited shots.

After finishing this program you will be able to start your photo editing career.


video editing course
Videography 101
To Make The Perfect One Man Crew

This program is your perfect gate to enter the field of videography.

Starting from the basics of shooting, recording and scriptwriting, moving ti learning how to use advanced gear in practical applications and projects. Finally, you will learn how to start your own business, price your work and deal with clients.


Video Editing 
To Be a Professional Video Editor 

This program is your gate to master video editing like a professional from scratch.

By learning how to use the most important video editing softwares (Adobe Premier, After Effects and DaVinci Resolve) you will be able to edit an entire video from A to Z using efficient techniques, templates and coloring.


Fixed Programs

Our Bundles

Image by Woody Kelly
Photography Bundle
To Be a Professional Photographer

Complete photography training to achieve your goal in becoming a 

professional photographer. 


Image by Serhiy Hipskyy
Videography Bundle 
To Be a Professional Videographer

Complete videography training to achieve your goal 

in becoming a professional videographer


Our Specialized Programs

Corporate Training

This Project is designed for organizations that need to train a number of employees or just one.

We offer different educational training programs & consultation to suit all needs.

One to One Courses

Would you like to take a training on a specific topic that our programs and workshops don’t cover?


Or would you like to follow our standard curriculum, but within the context of a private class that is adapted to your time or even learn ONLINE at your own pace?

Custom Session

Do you want a training on a specific topic?


Customize your own content and we will arrange a private session based on your needs

Specialized Programs

Why Choose
Cairo Photo Academy

We don't just show you great photo or video, we teach you how to do it.

You are taught by professional instructors with over 11 years of photography teaching experience, and at the end of the program you will receive a certificate.

Accurate and through


Our lessons get straight to the point with accurate and through knowledge.

Saving your precious time and ensuring you get factual information.

Get hands on with

practical tasks

Practice makes perfect, this is our principle. 

When it comes to learning, doing is always better than listening. 

During our training, knowledge gained is then applied in set tasks.

Updated training


Our training material and equipment

are always up to date.

Realistic learning


Our trainings are held in fully equipped studios and classrooms.

Downloadable Course


Our programs also come with downloadable PDFs to reinforce the knowledge learnt.



You can design your own program depending on your needs, or even request an online training to learn at your own pace.

Become part of Our

Learning Community

Join our community

ask questions, share your work and interact with other learners. 

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